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Marc Jacobs is one of the iconic brands in the history of the fashion industry, born in America. Under this brand, over its more than twenty-year history, a multitude of clothing and accessories have been released, making a significant contribution to the development of fashion. The designer is not only a bright representative of the fashion industry but also has brought a number of fresh, memorable trends that have become symbols of modern urban fashion. For example, the grunge style gained wide popularity thanks to the Marc Jacobs brand. Additionally, he held the position of chief designer at Louis Vuitton from 2000 to 2013, which played a key role in the successful development of the brand.

All Marc Jacobs products are distinguished by high quality and stylish design, aimed at emphasizing the individuality of each customer.

The History of the Marc Jacobs brand

Mark Jacobs has European roots, but his hometown is New York City. It was here that he became acquainted with urban style, which became an integral part of his creativity. From childhood, Mark was fascinated by the world of fashion. He began his career as a salesman in a clothing store and then enrolled at Parsons: Fashion, Art, and Design School in New York City. During his studies, he tried to maximize his talent by creating collections for which he received awards.

Since 1984, Mark has embarked on his path to success, founding the company Jacobs Duffy Designs Inc. together with his friend Robert Duffy. A significant moment in the brand's history was 1986 when the first women's collection was presented, highly praised by the Council of Fashion Designers of America.

In 1994, the Marc Jacobs brand released its first men's collection. Mark Jacobs did not seek to cater to a wide audience but rather followed his own taste, ignoring popular trends.

Since 1997, Mark has closely collaborated with the fashion house Louis Vuitton as its artistic director. This collaboration proved mutually beneficial and inevitably influenced the popularity of the emerging brand. In turn, Mark Jacobs breathed new life into the old brand, helping it to regain its former popularity and grandeur.

According to its philosophy, the brand Marc by Marc Jacobs produces stylish items for energetic young people. All accessories are created in vibrant shades, using lightweight, airy fabrics and bold, daring designs. In 2005, the collection of Marc by Marc Jacobs was awarded the CFDA Award for "Best Accessory Design of the Year." In 2006, in collaboration with the Fossil Group, a collection of wristwatches for men and women was presented. After filming the movie "Disconnect" in April 2013, Mark Jacobs created the Marc Jacobs Beauty line of cosmetics. The collection includes 122 items in 4 categories: bases for makeup, concealers, and powders in the Smart Complexion category; nail polishes, eyeshadows, lipsticks, glosses, blushes, and bronzers in the Hi-Per Color category; products for complete eye makeup in the Blacquer category; products for natural makeup in the Girl Approved category.

Today, more than 60 Marc by Marc Jacobs boutiques are open in more than 35 countries worldwide, and the brand's popularity is supported by many famous personalities who leave their positive reviews about Marc Jacobs. Among them: Victoria Beckham, Miley Cyrus, Jessica Lange, Michael Stipe from the band R.E.M., and others.

The new products from Marc Jacobs attract attention with their modern design and outstanding quality, confirming the brand's leading positions in the world of fashion.

Perfumery Marc Jacobs

The release of Marc Jacobs' perfumery in 2001 was entrusted to the Coty conglomerate. The first fragrance, simply named Marc Jacobs, was presented in a modest bottle with dense white flowers, complemented by pungent ginger and pepper.

A year later, a complementary men's fragrance was released, which attracted attention to the brand with its unusual combination of creamy and green notes. The Daisy perfume appeared in 2007 and caused a real sensation. The composition was crafted by the famous perfumer Alberto Morillas. It features violet notes, while the bottle's cap is adorned with daisies. Since then, the Daisy collection has been expanded with new fragrances, with their trademark being the distinctive floral cap design.

In 2009, another light floral perfume was introduced. A year later, the provocative men's fragrance Bang was released in a characteristic bottle. In 2012, Dot arrived on the shelves of stores, resembling a bright ladybug. Later, a fragrance with the telling name Honey appeared – no longer in the form of a ladybug, but a bee, still in the recognizable bottle.

In 2015, Jacobs released Decadence. It is characterized by sensuality, spiciness, moderate sweetness, and freshness. The fragrance leaves an unforgettable sweet plum aftertaste, and this sweetness is not cloying – it is perfect for both sweet tooths and lovers of restrained flair. The bottle was designed in the shape of an elegant women's handbag.

In 2019, the Marc Jacobs brand relaunched the Daisy line. This is a personal story of the designer himself - after completing a course at a rehabilitation clinic for people with addictions and psychological problems, he got a tattoo with this word. The Perfect fragrance became a reflection of all the most popular "daisies" - cheerful, light, with bright floral notes, fruity accents, and delicate almond. For the design of the bottle, he turned to the artist Jackie Marshall, known for her work with brands such as Valentino, Loewe, and Donna Karan, and the perfumer was Domitille Michalon-Bertier, the author of the popular Flowerbomb fragrance and its numerous variations from Viktor&Rolf.

The novelties from Marc Jacobs impress with their creative design and unique style, bringing fresh ideas and innovative solutions to the world of fashion.

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